Competitive Research and Analysis

Buying Time places a special emphasis on the competitive tracking of all aspects of your opponents’ media buys. Strategically knowing our competition’s advertising plan and message in advance provides you with essential information needed to make intelligent media decisions.

We will track and monitor every aspect of our opponents’ media including:

Daily updates on opponent’s spending

Competitive Analysis of Gross Rating Points (GRP’s)

Updates on content of opponent’s commercials as often as possible


The most carefully targeted media buy with a powerful research-driven spot will only move voters if the targeted audience sees it. Traffic, if not implemented correctly can be disastrous and when done right can make a difference in the election outcome. Our experience over the years has provided us a set of tested and proven methods to ensure exact traffic compliance. Here are the proactive steps we will take for each spot we traffic:

Fax traffic instructions with “fax-back confirmation” which indicates that each station has received and implemented the instructions

Follow-up phone call informing station of pending change and pressure traffic manager at stations to make necessary change

Provide a traffic report to clients which tracks points behind each spot in order to assist in measuring spot impact and traffic evaluation


We provide complete compliance that entails a spot-by-spot analysis of station affidavits vs. the media buys we place with each station. This exhaustive process after the schedules have aired can produce potentially thousands of dollars in savings for your clients if we can prove station error.