Strategic Media Plans

Through Buying Time’s experience we offer you the benefit of having already researched, analyzed, and established relationships with media outlets, both nationally and internationally. We approach your needs differently by analyzing data, past performances, and specific characteristics in order to provide you with an in-depth media plan for your campaign.

Tailored media analysis
Cost effective designed media plan
Targeting Goals

Targeted Research

Through utilizing state-of-the-art software and the most current qualitative and quantitative research available, we will provide your campaign with media options that efficiently reach the target audience. We have invested thousands of dollars in targeting software and media research that allows us to deliver the largest targeted audience. We have listed below some of the research investments Buying Time has made which are available to your campaign.

Nielsen TV

Scarbourgh Qualitative

Claritas (PRIZM/Compass)

Erdos & Morgan

Competitive Marketing Reporting

Arbitron Radio

Spot Quotations & Data (SQAD)

MRI Data (Qualitative)

Roper Starch Worldwide

In-Depth Media Buys

Buying Time places special emphasis on combining the research with the campaign strategy to create a comprehensive paid media buy. We specialize in tailoring all media plans and placement for each market. In an era where media consumption has become more fractionated, it is important to understand the interplay of each medium within a given target market.

Buying Time prides itself on its targeting capability. We do not focus just on Nielsen or Arbitron data - quantitative information on the highest rated programs for a general/broad audience. Instead, we dissect plans, markets, mediums and cost along with targeted demographics to find the appropriate venues that are most cost effective in hitting the specific audience needed to have a successful campaign.

Buying Time has put together a team of highly effective negotiators that are familiar with these variables. This ensures that each campaign is negotiated and run to the appropriate market value. Not only are the most cost effective campaigns guaranteed, but along with our experience and longevity, Buying Time is able to ensure that ad buys are run close to as planned and ordered.