About us

With over 15 years of experience in paid media, research, strategy and implementation, Buying Time offers your campaign the most sophisticated targeted media placement available today. This advantage will translate into significant savings and provide a strategic winning edge for your advertising campaign. We have placed hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of corporate, political and issue/advocacy advertisers in national, regional, spot and rural arenas. Our individual talents, while impressive, are further enhanced when combined to offer you one source for an experienced media planning and buying team.

Buying Time has a great deal of depth and experience in paid media. Today, targeted media buying is crucial in conveying a campaign's message; branding or issue. How and where campaigns spend their money on media is more important than ever. Carefully targeted media will provide the edge over competitors, and having knowledgeable media planning/buying specialists can save our clients thousands of dollars.

Combining our experience and resources enhances the following areas:

Strategic Media Plans

Targeted Research

In Depth Media Buys

Political Campaign Solutions