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Offering Competitive Research & Analysis, Trafficking, and Reconciliation to ensure your advertisements reach the right audience, every time.

Multifaceted Media

Buying Time understands the importance of a comprehensive media mix. Because we manage television, radio, print, out-of-home and all digital platforms under one roof, we have a complete understanding of how best to utilize all medium to target your audience. By managing both the linear and digital components of a campaign, we streamline optimization for all, ensuring maximum audience impact.

strategic media plans

Competitive Research & Analysis

Buying Time tracks opposition media buys. Strategically knowing our competition’s advertising plan and message in advance provides you with essential information needed to respond if necessary, and to ensure at least equal advertising time.

We track and monitor our opponents’ spending on a daily basis and provide a detailed report with a complete view of relevant spending.


Traffic Coordination

A strong media buy is only effective if the ad reaches the intended audience.

Buying Time is the liaison between your production house and media vendors to ensure the proper message is aired.


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