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We use Strategic Media Planning, Targeted Research, and in-depth Media Buys to achieve the best possible return-on-investment for our clients.

strategic media plans

Strategic Media Planning

Buying Time approaches your needs differently by analyzing data including past performances of similar campaigns in market, and specific audience characteristics in order to provide you with an in-depth, customized,  media plan for your campaign.

We tailor every campaign by taking into account the following factors:

  • Audience
  • Geography
  • Mediums to convey your message
  • Cost
  • Flight dates and timelines
media research

Targeted Research

We have invested thousands of dollars in targeting software and media research that enable us to understand your audiences’ media consumption habits, thereby ensuring we are connecting to the right people that you need to reach.  

Buying Time prides itself on its targeting capability. We dissect plans, markets, mediums and cost along with targeted demographics to find the appropriate venues that are most cost effective in hitting the specific audience needed to have a successful campaign.

targeted buys

In-Depth Media Buys

As media becomes more fractionated, it is important to understand the role of each medium for a particular campaign. By combining research and campaign strategy, evaluating the strengths and costs of each medium and leveraging our experience to negotiate competitive rates, we create a comprehensive paid media buy that will most efficiently achieve the goals of your campaign.

Our campaigns are managed daily, allowing us to recommend optimizations when appropriate and adjustments as needed.

Buying Time’s team of highly effective negotiators that are familiar with these variables. This ensures that each campaign is negotiated and run to the appropriate market value. Not only are the most cost effective campaigns guaranteed, but along with our experience and longevity, Buying Time is able to ensure that ad buys are run close to as planned and ordered.

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